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About Varied / Hobbyist Lizzy22/Female/United States Group :icondr-firefly: Dr-Firefly
Firefly and Dr. Horrible fans
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Swirl Therapy by LizzywithaWhy Swirl Therapy :iconlizzywithawhy:LizzywithaWhy 0 5 Doodle Dump by LizzywithaWhy Doodle Dump :iconlizzywithawhy:LizzywithaWhy 1 0
taking note
of the tiny little things
is what i'm for
so here we are
pointing out
the couch is comfortable
the lights are low
and you have taken off your glasses
as much as i hoped
to say you tasted like skittles
or toothpaste
or what you mean to me:
whatever drags airplanes through the sky,
dutch tulips and digital roses
and warm warm hands
you don't taste like anything at all.
nothing except a perfect copy
of my own mouth
when I haven't drunk in a while
and the corners are sore from smiling.
we both saw it coming from miles away
foreheads, noses, then mouths together
and i couldn't help noticing
again and again
i could see  your eyelashes
your hair had fallen over your face
and i fixed it, laughing
because that's what i'm for
:iconlizzywithawhy:LizzywithaWhy 1 3
Hell by LizzywithaWhy Hell :iconlizzywithawhy:LizzywithaWhy 0 0 Purgatory by LizzywithaWhy Purgatory :iconlizzywithawhy:LizzywithaWhy 0 0
The Man With Metal Hands
Gone again!
More or less same reason!
Will be back!
:iconlizzywithawhy:LizzywithaWhy 2 4
The Man With Metal Hands - companion image by LizzywithaWhy The Man With Metal Hands - companion image :iconlizzywithawhy:LizzywithaWhy 0 0
The Old Frontier
Pack your bags, get your toothbrush
Find a car, find a silver cross
Throw a tarp over the windshield and we're covered
Get a road, lay it down flat
And behind us, we'll trail angel floss
So we stay over the sky and not under
It's a long, long way to whatever we want
It's an old frontier that we've never come across
And the last thing we need is to be cute and sad and lost
'Cause someone will pick us up and take us home
It's a long, long drive and we've got horses and tires
In case one breaks down and we're left on our own
Drive a MACK, drive a cloud,
Long as it gets you where you need
There's a sweet patch of road that must have once been dirt
There's a sweet patch of road
With a black-and-white candy stripe
A lovely accent to the Christmas trees and AstroTurf
It's a dark, dark tunnel, half collapsed and rolling under
And the crash of God's new thunder
Gave us heart attacks from wonder
So we've come to get away
Here in the old frontier, we'll hit the coast and build across it
We'll kno
:iconlizzywithawhy:LizzywithaWhy 2 2
A Six Word Story? Sure, Okay.
What could I do?
I laughed.
:iconlizzywithawhy:LizzywithaWhy 0 0
Last night, it was snowing doves
And I dragged you outside and
You caught one on your tongue
I beamed at you with pride and
You spat it out again
Too many dirty feathers and
Clawing feet, you said
One of these days I'll get you to smile
You will be my partner in crime
And I'll act like a child
Let's be the mismatched cop-movie pair
And I'll drag to down to my level, I swear
One of these days, ah
Last night, it was raining down
Something tiny and shining
And I pulled down a cloud
To show its silver lining
Only to win a bet
We argued that same day
I said a cloud's the perfect pet
(And I bet you a dollar
The silver was its collar.)
This cloud follows you around
It's adorable and you
Still have this silly frown
Is it the rain or can't you
Just simply make it end?
It's on a leash, it loves you
Just ask, my gloomy friend
One of these days I'll get you to smile
You will be my partner in crime
And I'll act like a child
Don't lie to me, really, how's the weather up there?
We'll challenge each o
:iconlizzywithawhy:LizzywithaWhy 3 4
Part One
Only the best part is over,
Only the best is to come
Try and try, I still get older
At least we had a little fun
Keep your hair on and keep it covered
Open your heart and close your lungs
There will be friends and missing lovers
High ladders, all with broken rungs
Only the worst part has left us
Only the worst is to come
We drank up our lives into blessed dust
And now we have work to be done
Only the first part is over,
Only the next is to come
Leave and we'll draw you in closer
At least we had a little fun
:iconlizzywithawhy:LizzywithaWhy 1 6
My New Nephew by LizzywithaWhy My New Nephew :iconlizzywithawhy:LizzywithaWhy 1 0 For the BASE FUN EVENT SPECTACULAR!! by LizzywithaWhy For the BASE FUN EVENT SPECTACULAR!! :iconlizzywithawhy:LizzywithaWhy 1 13 G!T Contest - Dalcha Bagane by LizzywithaWhy G!T Contest - Dalcha Bagane :iconlizzywithawhy:LizzywithaWhy 4 34 You Can't Hate the Night by LizzywithaWhy You Can't Hate the Night :iconlizzywithawhy:LizzywithaWhy 2 10 Innocuous Tomato by LizzywithaWhy Innocuous Tomato :iconlizzywithawhy:LizzywithaWhy 3 19
I work with what I have.

In this case, what I have is a touchpad, a flaky laptop, MS Paint, and my brain. I draw people in beautiful or surreal situations. I also write strange poems and old-style fairy tales.

I have fun. ^^


Welcome To Night Vale by n-a-s-h-i Welcome To Night Vale :iconn-a-s-h-i:n-a-s-h-i 174 2 WELCOME by monstercoach WELCOME :iconmonstercoach:monstercoach 348 15 Night Vale 3 by SheepyDoodle Night Vale 3 :iconsheepydoodle:SheepyDoodle 790 21 Walking The Dog - Welcome to Night Vale by dontevenknow-anymore Walking The Dog - Welcome to Night Vale :icondontevenknow-anymore:dontevenknow-anymore 1,126 68 Hatter25 - Green and Game by Tell-Me-Lies Hatter25 - Green and Game :icontell-me-lies:Tell-Me-Lies 337 31 hinaban comic 4 by Lei-sam hinaban comic 4 :iconlei-sam:Lei-sam 128 35 Hanna Is Not Radioactive by ZefyriaNuva Hanna Is Not Radioactive :iconzefyrianuva:ZefyriaNuva 79 49 Scalemate Shorts by Chibi-Katie Scalemate Shorts :iconchibi-katie:Chibi-Katie 109 42 Everyone Unite by TaPloAlBoReMiXxz Everyone Unite :icontaploalboremixxz:TaPloAlBoReMiXxz 253 32 Grieving Rose by TamaCorp Grieving Rose :icontamacorp:TamaCorp 68 52 Roxy the Cherub Lover by iMusicalMinji Roxy the Cherub Lover :iconimusicalminji:iMusicalMinji 146 14 Once a month BroDave silly comic by TamaCorp Once a month BroDave silly comic :icontamacorp:TamaCorp 107 47 long time no see by Rolling-Mozaik long time no see :iconrolling-mozaik:Rolling-Mozaik 286 22 Grimbarking up a strom by redblacktac Grimbarking up a strom :iconredblacktac:redblacktac 239 3 cotton candy kisses by gaykittens cotton candy kisses :icongaykittens:gaykittens 56 2 Jade harley by SakiChu Jade harley :iconsakichu:SakiChu 42 3


The sweeping colors and fluid motion here are just awesome. I love how Rose's skirt arches over her like a canopy, and the different el...


I disappeared! But it's summer now! And I can un-disappear! Or at least I have a good reason to!

I hope you don't hate me.
How are y'all's lives going? Tell me everything.

:heart: :heart: :heart:
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  • Reading: A Barrel of Laughs, A Vale of Tears- Jules Feiffer
  • Watching: Nothing at all, for once.
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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I ask hundreds of strange questions, paint my nails dark colors, anagram words, stack books in nonsensical places, sleep up against the wall, laugh when I'm in a strange situation, refuse to use the school agenda, sing and hum to myself constantly, collect posters I don't have enough room for, twist my fingers in my necklace when I'm nervous, appreciate cleverness more than anything, read tons of newspaper comics, and tend to love anything if I can't tell what genre it is.

I'm bad at taking care of anything that doesn't yell when it wants to be fed, resisting temptation, being a jerk on purpose, styling my hair, calculating stoichiometry, playing the guitar, organizing my jewelry, telling the truth, ice skating and going to bed on time.

I am a positive vandal, a Nerdfighter, a tinker, a cool little sister, a riffer of Saturday morning cartoons and action movies, a hater of the word "quirky", a snarky little bitch, a lover of unconventional beauty, a rather goofy songwriter, a Homestuck reader, a spectacularly bad sailor and a believer in making everyone's day a little more surreal - because deep down, it makes everyone feel good.

Some people I rather love:



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Still miss you...a year later
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No YOU'RE awesome.

(you are welcome)
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How are you?
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I'm doin' good :) I've been working a lot on Black Lab, the comic I used to talk about. :D And you?
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